Rome SDS 2012

Board Model and Year: 2012 Rome SDS

Board Size: 156

Age: 25

Riding Style: Competitive

I have been riding competitively for the past three years. Since I started, I started riding Rome boards, from Austria. They have not yet let me Down during a run.
Jumps 10/10 (does exactly what you can do and gives you room for progress)
Moguls 10/10 (carving these all day long)
Powder 9/10 (stays up, and stays fast)
Tricks 9/10 (light but mine is a bit long)
Hard slopes 10/10 ( handles great fast)
Durability 7/10 (has a wooden core, and I broke two, so I Learned their limits and practice hard on an Ltd)
For $300 a board, you can’t beat these. And they’re not made in china! They’re what I trust to compete.

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