Rome Artifact 1985 – 2010

by Matt P.

The 2010 Rome Artifact 1985 puts you in control of your snowboarding experience. Rome and it’s designers have one thing in mind when they design boards; a great day on the mountain for their riders.

rome-artifact-1985-150-10-prodThe 2010 Artifact 1985 was designed with the rider in mind and is loaded with features. Glass Reverse-V Stringer Technology focuses energy in the center of the tip and tail for more pop. You’ll also get bronze edges for more baseline speed and added reliability. This innovative board will give you a whole new outlook on riding.

Key Features of The Artifact 1985 Men’s Snowboard 150cm:

  • Pop Core Matrix: Lightweight and smooth flexing
  • Impact Base: 90 Degrees off-axis glass fibers give a mellow, easy-to-control flex profile
  • Bronze Edges: Baseline speed with added durability
  • Glass Reverse-V Stringer Technology: The Reverse V focuses energy in the center of the tip and tail for more longitudinal pop
  • Jib Bevel(-3 Base/-3 Side): Extra to minimize hang-ups on rails, ledges and boxes

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8 Responses to “Rome Artifact 1985 – 2010”
  1. Jimmy C says:

    I’ve got last years model of this board. The Live Nudes version!
    Love the board, great for butters and has a suprising amount of pop considering its softness. Also I was suprised with how beautifully it handled in POW The nose lifts itself up and you glide! Really light weight for easy spins too.
    I use with Rome SDS 390 bindings.
    My only fault with this board which is kinda a biggie is that its a bit sketchy at high speed! Wobbles about an the bronze edges are really weak on ice. I wouldnt recommend it for beginners. The bronze edges are good on rails though!

  2. r-dog says:

    Love the bronze edges and its so buttery!! the flex is crazy and amazing it rides so smooth over rollers and snow drifts in pow and its a bit sketchy at first when going fast took a couple runs to get use to but after that it was amazing. Havn’t tried it on any rails yet park hasnt opened at our hill but the one problem is when hitting kickers off the side of runs it tends to flex and butter bad as you leave the lip it scrubs all the speed trying to get use too…..

  3. jo says:

    are the nose and tail heavy

  4. k yle says:

    this board is super sick. its buttery but not like a noodle the edges never hang up on rails. and has massive pop. i have demo-ed alot of boards and this one is by far my favorite

  5. Shnat says:

    This board is pretty sick for jibs. Just not great on jumps and way sketchy on big booters and high speeds! Turning takes alot more work than a skate banana and it doesnt have too much control when you’re just riding around. Edges dont hold on ice! catches edges pretty easy. It presses like a mo-fo though! Butters good too! if you want to hit jumps and rails equally this aint your board. If youre jib specific then there is no other board for you. Next year they’re making the 1985 the rocker which should eliminate most of its flaws. so goodbuy 1985 and hello rocker!

  6. Blake says:

    This board is sick i ride the 147 and it’s great flex and bronze edges are great for kinks and boxes,but my bronze edges cracked so be carefull…. GREAT BOARD,the reverse camber ads great pop and bad box fun.

  7. jfarr says:

    hey, i ride this board everyday i have been riding 8 years now and i have played around with over 20 different board the rome artifact is by far my fav board it is all around great and have had no problems with it it handles great on powder rails boxes jumps etc.. GREAT BOARD can’t go wrong buying this board if you want a great ride this is the board for you *****

  8. goose mangome says:

    This board it amazing! I’ve had libtech park pickle, gnu banana traction Danny kass series and out of all the boards I have ever ridden the rome artifact 1985 is the best! Amazing board!

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