Rome Agent Rocker 2011

By Wallace

Board Model and Year: Rome Agent Rocker 2011

Board Size: 157

Age: 34

Riding Style: old school slow spinning tweaker

great board although not as good as last years agent 1985, far more serious, and somehow manages to be stiffer, but with no more pop. the camber underfoot is a lot more pronounced in this model, giving unbelievable edge hold. very solid off big jumps, and holds a rail well, and the dampening really works if you land on ice, (maybe it also dampens the pop). this board is amazing, but a bit disappointing after last year’s sheer perfection, a lot more aggressive and less playful, i can’t wait for it to soften up even if it does mean losing the pop. Please Rome remake the 1985 agent it was a masterpiece


One Response to “Rome Agent Rocker 2011”
  1. Marc S says:

    This board rocks.

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