Rome Agent 2013

Ride Like An Expert With The Rome Agent 2013 snowboard.

When you have the time and experience to really deliver power on the runs, the 2013 Rome Agent  gives you the hardware to match.  There are boards for beginners and intermediates, and then there are boards specially designed for those whose experience and skill level goes well beyond that.  This article will go over some of the features that make this board so well suited to the needs of experts and more advanced boarders.

This board is great for both all mountain and freestyle runs, boasting the directional features and stability of each, among other things.  It has the pop for the more manicured front lawn runs of mountain courses in addition to the fresh backyard lines that you blaze yourself.  The board is highly responsive with its positive camber, helping to give it that exceptional pop on either style of run, and you get the stiff flex for when you need to make really strong turns and are counting on a quick response.

The core of the Rome Agent 2013 snowboard is a combination of low density wood types that give it the light and very smooth transition for its unique flex.  It also has the carbon rod in the center to give the required support without the encumbrance of additional stiffness.  This core is paired with a laminate that ensures the board is able to stand up to anything you give it.  That means for the big drops and jumps of whatever run you can think of, this board is built to unbreakable standards.  Impact is displaced and dispersed so that there are never sure breaking points in the board, but rather each is able to absorb impacts and keep you running time and time again.  That comes through impact plates and fibers that are built especially for the needs of advanced riders.  Essentially, the Rome Agent 2013 is made to respond when you need it to, and how you need it to.

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