Rome Agent 1985 2010

by: wallace

Board Model and Year: agent 1985 2010

Board Size: 157

Age: 33

Riding Style: old school slow spinning tweaker

ok to be fair i’ve only had the board 2 days, and haven’t had any pow to try it in yet, but there aren’t any reviews of this board on the net yet and someone needs to spread the word. If you’ve seen avatar, then it’s a bit like when they plug their pony tails into the animals. This board is your sex slave, and if it’s riding badly then you are. I assume it is easier to ride than normal camber in the pow, but i can verify that rome have not sacraficed any pop or edge hold, though can get a bit shakey. Would not suit anyone with an aggressive style, this board is super laid back, but always does what it is told. unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to hit any big jumps yet, as i’m in sloakia and our biggest jump in the park is tiny so far this season, but it lands really nice. easily the best deck i have ridden, and i’ve ridden everything. So assuming it likes pow and big jumps, it would be really hard to improve on this snowboard, as i said….No Compromise !


One Response to “Rome Agent 1985 2010”
  1. wallace says:

    oh it turns out that yes it is amazing in powder and off big kickers, best board ever !!!!!

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