Never Summer t5 Premier Board

By: Caleb

Board Model and Year: Never Summer t5 2007

Board Size: 168

Age: 14

Riding Style: all mountain

First off, I love never summer, I got my first never summer when I was nine. I had the premier board and I had it for 4 years. Now I have the Never Summer t5 premier board wich is the premier board all grown up. The first thing I thought about this board was how fast and long it was, I went through some Alaskan backcountry and it was a dream. I took it off of some jumps, and even though this board is heavy and stiff, it has an amazing pop to it. I live in Alaska, so there is alot of powder, and this board mobs it up. I think this is a very well made board, and never summer makes the best boards in the idustry. Because of the never summer t5 im never going to get any other brand of board.

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