Lib Tech TRS 2013

What The Lib Tech TRS Snowboard 2013 Does For Your Ride

The freestyle optimized Lib Tech TRS Snowboard 2013 is built for stability and forgiveness in your ride.  When you’re up on the mountain, that’s reliability you’ll be grateful to have, whether you’ve refined your taste and style toward this hardware’s unique strengths, or are just beginning as a boarder.  This article will go over those features that make this board unique and desirable for riders of all different levels and skill-sets.

This award winning board is especially suited to a couple different kinds of riders.  For beginners and intermediate level riders that are ready to see major improvement in their style and skill, the Lib Tech TRS Snowboard 2013 gives that capability.  Riders are able to take advantage of the stability and light design for its responsiveness on the runs.  They can also look forward to how suited the board is to performing tricks.  The next group of riders that will find the board particularly suited to them are rippers, finding their strengths augmented with hardware that seems built for them.

When you like to ride the powder, this board features the centered stance and rocker that make the run particularly enjoyable.  Depending on features of the different riders, this board is able to float well, and can turn even when the powder gets deep.  In addition, when you like to turn up the speed on your descents, the Lib Tech TRS Snowboard 2013 can deliver all the speed you want, short of independent propulsion.  With the right flex and construction base, the board is also ready for the park runs that you want to hit along the way.  This combined versatility is great when you want the freedom on your runs to explore and expand your different styles.  With the weight to give it good foundation strength, and the extreme ease with which the board turns and carves, it’s hard to go wrong when you are looking for something to last you a while.

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