Lamar Blazer

By  Will

Board Model and Year: Lamar Blazer

Board Size: 154

Age: 27

Riding Style: Regular

So I got this board under somewhat different circumstances. My buddy was moving to California after a job offer and he had only days to liquidate any belongings he didn’t need. So I got the board cheap and fast. Problem was I was new to snowboarding at that time. The Lamar blazer has a wooden core which rather epitomizes the phrase “stiff as a board” since that’s what this board is…..stiff. That being said, if you want speed, this is the board for you, it won’t let you down a bit. However, if you’re a beginner this board is grossly inappropriate. If you’ve not had a lesson or don’t know your way around the slopes and you’re using this board prepare for a sore rear-end and use a mouth guard because you’ll be catching your edges left and right. That brings me to another great point about this board. This board has lots of camber, which means that the adjustments you make on each edge will be reflected a little more underneath the portions of the edges which extend just outside of the lateral sides of each foot. Simply put: sharper edges, sharper turns, lightning fast, ZERO ROOM FOR ERRORS. not for beginners, but great for racing.

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