K2 Parkstar 2010

The 2010 K2 Parkstar snowboard was created because they did not want to mess with the Darkstar, and they wanted to try something different.   Therefore K2 decided to take all that people love about tech K2 Darkstar and add some new tech to come up with the K2 Parkstar.

k2_parkstar_2010The 2010 K2 Parkstar is a twin tip, high performance, FreeStyle machine.  The difference between the Parkstar and the Darkstar is this board is built with the K2 Jib Rocker.  The Jib Rocker is described by K2 as  “loose, buttery feel while jibbing around the park or slaughtering the streets. Whether you’re pressing boxes or just playing around on the flats, JIB ROCKER has a forgiving no-catch feel that allows you to pull off even the most wild combinations. The flat mid-section allows you to lock into rails like you were on a skateboard.”

One thing to note on the K2 Parkstar is not to let the name fool you, even though this board has the name Park in it does not mean that is what it is all about.  When K2 designed this snowboard that wanted to create a board that rip up the mountain from the top all the way till you hit the park.  So for all the FreeStyle riders out there that like to treat the mountain like a playground, you may want to give this K2 a chance.

Check out this Board:

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The-House from $429.99

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