K2 Brigade 2013

The Effortless Riding K2 Brigade Snowboard 2013

Improvement as a snowboarder comes easily with the K2 Brigade Snowboard 2013.  When you ride the mountain, there is nothing as important as the hardware you take along.  You build familiarity over time, depending on particular styles and strengths, and when you have a snowboard that plays to those strengths, you are primed to improve and enjoy every run along the way.  This article will go over the features of this effortless riding snowboard that add to your enjoyment and improvement as a boarder.

Built in what is clearly one of the most popular styles, the K2 Brigade Snowboard 2013 is an all mountain board of the best class.  Performance enhanced for halfpipe, park, and powder, this board will give you the right clearance on nearly all of the surfaces you’re going to encounter.  The directional shape of the board means the tail is narrower and flat when compared to the tip, which means the ride is generally in one direction, rather than alternating from one to the other, although its versatility still lends itself to alternating styles when called for.  In addition to these aforementioned strengths, the board enables you to bridge the gap between intermediate and more advanced styles that you desire to implement.

The K2 Brigade Snowboard 2013 is built soft and maneuverable on purpose.  Beginning riders will find this construction more conducive to the introductory period of accustoming oneself to the different environments and conditions encountered.  Despite this feature for beginners, it is also stiff enough for when the ride calls for faster turning in harder surface environments.    This board’s unique construction, with its distinct shape, size, and flex, is used in nearly any kind of riding you can do on a snowboard, which accounts for its increasing popularity and wide dispersion in the industry today.  Built to optimize performance with a smooth and easy ride, this board is one worthy of the confidence placed in it by riders from across the board.

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