Gordini GASP Goggles featured artist Mikey Welsh

By Scott B

The team over at Gordini sent us some artist inspired goggles to review. The ones we received are the Gordini GASP, with featured artist Mikey Welsh.  At first, I thought they might be too artistic for me. After I tried them on, I actually liked the way they look and feel.  I know…it’s snowboarding and not a fashion show, but most of you have to admit that you care about the way your gear looks.

To actually test out the Gordini GASP Mikey Welsh goggles I could not just try them on and say they looked good and fit well, I had to take them to the mountain and give them a ride. On a typical riding day, I hit the lift line, put on my goggles and  leave them on until I go inside for a break.

The first thing I noticed was that I really liked the view from the gold mirrored lens. This was the first time I used a pair of goggles with gold lenses.  The day was pretty bright and there was a nice glare off the white snow, so the view was really crisp and not too dark.  I klike goggles that have a clean view, stay tight to my face and do not allow in any excess air or fog.

3 factors I used in evaluating at these goggles:

  • View : On this bright day, these goggles were sweet. I had a clear view. I actually think on a cloudy, snowy day these would hold up pretty well.  If you like to board at night, I’m not sure these would work.
  • Fit and Air Intrusion: These goggles fit my face pretty well. They weren’t too big or small. I didn’t feel any excess draft while boarding or on the lift.
  • Fog: These goggles didn’t fog up once all day. For me, if a pair of goggles fogs up, I will typically try to return them right away.  With all the technology out there you have to be able to make a pair of goggles that doesn’t fog.  But on the other hand… you have to put on the goggles correctly and not blame fog on design if you kept dropping them in the snow or keep taking them on and off on the mountain.

Overall, I was really impressed with these goggles.  I have to say I probably would not have picked these up myself if I was at a store, so I am really glad they sent me a pair to test.

Check out the Gordini GASP featured artist Mikey Welsh

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