GNU Carbo Credit 2010

By: Robert

Board Model and Year: GNU Carbon Credit 2010

Board Size: 153

Age: 50

Riding Style: All Mountain

I recently trashed my old snowboard on a weekend ski trip. On the way home I shopped for a new board. As an intermediate rider, the sales staff at one shop suggested the gnu carbon credit board. I was unsure about the magne traction and the reverse camber, but it seemed to make sense so I purchased the board. Well, it only took me two runs to become totally convinced that this is the best board I have ever ridden on. It’s ability to grip the ice and move quickly from edge-to-edge was outstanding. I have never ridden as well as I did on the GNU board. My daughter will soon be in the market for her next board and I am telling her that she needs to get this board.


One Response to “GNU Carbo Credit 2010”
  1. dan metcalfe says:

    hi i bourght the GNU carbon credit 153 as well and i agree that i have never been on a board like it! in the park it blows my mind how soft and buttery it is. on steeps it is better than anything around i belive, its so responsive and the magnatraction just allows you to glide down! quality buy!

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