Element Bam Graffiti Skateboard

By Scott B

The Element BAM Graffiti Skateboard Deck is another of Element’s BAM Margera pro series Element Skateboard decks. This skateboard deck is constructed with an Element featherlight deck to not only give you that light weight feel, but is also very stiff…..just like the pro’s like it.


The Element Bam Graffiti Skateboard measures 7.62 inches wide and is  30.75 inches long, which is pretty much the average size Element Skateboard.  For those that have never riden an Element Deck before these are the type of skateboards that are made for the pro’s, but able to be riden by any level rider.  This featherlight skateboard is going to beat any big box retail skateboard that have purchased by a mile.

Buy it Now:

The-House.com from $49.95


2 Responses to “Element Bam Graffiti Skateboard”
  1. Trevor says:

    Bam is awesome….. love his decks. This Bam Element deck is so light that you would think it would just crack in half when you try any tricks. Gota say this deck has held up really well.

  2. Megan says:

    i love this skateboarder it is the coolest thing ever!!!

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