Dont Like Arbors Snowboards

By George

Board Model and Year: Arbor, any year

Board Size: any size

Age: 24

Riding Style: Big Mountain/all mountain

All arbor snowboards are pieces of shit. I’m about 200lbs, (i know, pretty big, but really not that big) rode an arbor for 20-30 days and the top sheet started cracking after 14 of those days. I ride with another dude who is 150lbs soaking wet and he had the same problem with his arbor. A cracked top sheet means water will soak in and f. with the structural integrity of that board. Whatever their topsheet is made of is worthless material for a snowboard. I don’t care how good it is for the environment. As far as I’m concerned, if their company is worth shit, they owe me a new board.


One Response to “Dont Like Arbors Snowboards”
  1. snowboard says:

    Hahaha I was just looking at their site. I was wondering what people had to say about them! I just bought a board from Signal Snowboards… friend raves about them! I’ll let you know what I think and maybe you can review the boards too. What really sold me was the hand made in America thing…

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