Don’t buy Palmer snowboards

By:  Chuck

Board Model and Year: Palmer

Board Size: 162

Age: 40

Riding Style: All mountain

I paid over $1500 for the snowboard from Palmer. The board was good while it lasted. I have had 2 major problems though.

• It is my opinion that there is a design or manufacturing flaw with the carbon strips or laminations Palmer uses on their boards. I was riding in semi-light powder and the board lost its lamination and the carbon fiber cracked inside. I am not sure what came first, but it ruined the board. I have seen other on-line postings about this issue, so I am not the only one who has had this issue.
That would be OK if Palmer customer service was decent and the company wanted to actually stand behind their snowboards, but the company was not helpful at all.

• I explained the issue with the board, and the customer service person said “you must have hit a tree, or had a bad landing”… and I absolutely did not do either – and it was somewhat annoying being accused of that. Also, I had multiple e-mails go unanswered by the company, and they lost the pictures I sent them. It looks like Palmer shut down their US company location. Palmer used to have an office in Colorado – and I previously dealt with Tamarra who was great. My e-mail to Tamarra got re-routed to Switzerland, — and that appears to be the only place to reach someone at the company. It is my opinion that when Palmer shut down their North American office it resulted in “indifference” to NA customers like me. Unlike Tamarra, the folks in Switzerland did not appear to give a darn about my experience with their products.
• I also wonder if Palmer actually made the board they sold me. The customer service person said that she needed to check with “their producers” about the issue with my board. If they have to pay a third party to replace a board, I believe that it would make it harder for them to make it right with their customers (at least if they were short-sighted) compared to a company that could pull one off the production line. I told them to send me any of their other boards even if it was a past return for cosmetic reasons… no go.
My overall suggestion is that if you are considering buying a snowboard from Palmer, be very hesitant. I would recommend another larger company that has a good track record of standing behind its products. I paid a hefty premium for the Palmer snowboard and I expected a much better outcome — both from the board, and the company.
premium for the Palmer snowboard and I expected a much better outcome.

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