Company Recruit Wakeboard


By: Jimmy B.

The Company Recruit Wakeboard is Company’s latest creation, designed to be a little faster and more grippy than the Company Severance series.  The Recruit is the board of choice for professional and recreational wake boarders alike, including Company’s own Randall Harris.  The board features a simple Company ‘C’ logo, which puts the focus of the board’s performance rather than it’s graphics.  In order to acheive the perfect blend of edge, pop and speed, the Company Recruit features a narrow waist, a modified rocker line and a small center fin.  Company even recomends the Recruit for entry-level riders due to its smooth edge to edge abilitites and added bite in the water.

Features of the Company Recruit Wakeboard include the following:

  • Advanced composite blend technology that helps control the way the board rid from the inside out.
  • Machined cores that contain the perfect ratio of vertically laminated aspen wood stringers and high end PVC foam (the same foam that other brands use in their super expensive, high end boards).
  • Super durable poplar-lined PMU 4060 base material. Kills it on rails and is super fast and smooth on the water.
  • Bi-Axle, S-Glass weave layup for assistance in that snap that you can predict and depend on.
  • Super tough, ABS side-walls. Have the ability to customize and tune your rails to your preference.
  • Company 4-hole and industry 6-inch hole pattern insert pack for the ultimate binding compatibility situation. We want people to have options.
  • Made in the USA with an extensive quality control process.
  • Mid Width: 43.4cm
  • Rocker: Continuous

Sizes: 135,139,143

Bottom Line:  This is a great all around board for all levels of riders.

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