Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard

Back for another season is the Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard.  The creation of pro rider Sean Watson, this is a high performance, snappy board that maintains a smooth feel through all kinds of water.  The board features a 2-ply carbon X configuration which increases rigidity through the center of the board.  The Watson is available in 4 sizes: 130, 134,138, and 142. Additional features of the Liquid Force Watson including the following: Aggressive,... [Read More...]

Liquid Force Groove 2009

New for the 2009 season is the Liquid Force Groove Wakeboard.  The Liquid Force Groove is Collin Harrington’s first signature board, and his experience on the surf has been reflected in a beautifully crafted wakeboard.  Designed for all conditions, the Groove can handle whatever is thrown at it; glassy water, rough chop, big wakes or small.  Collin pushed the the designers at Liquid Force to create a board with an ultra thin tip and a smooth... [Read More...]

Company Recruit Wakeboard

By: Jimmy B. The Company Recruit Wakeboard is Company’s latest creation, designed to be a little faster and more grippy than the Company Severance series.  The Recruit is the board of choice for professional and recreational wake boarders alike, including Company’s own Randall Harris.  The board features a simple Company ‘C’ logo, which puts the focus of the board’s performance rather than it’s... [Read More...]

Hyperlite Era Wakeboard

By Jimmy B. Hyperlite sums up their Era Wakeboard with two words: Faster & Explosive.  The Erik Ruck Era Series Hyperlite wakeboards are the best selling wakeboards to date.  The board features a 3 stage shape and an increased overall surface area, providing for maximum pop.  The Era also features sharp, single profile fret rails which provides a responsive locked in edge.   Additonal features of the Hyperlite Era Wakeboard... [Read More...]