Rome Agent 2013

Ride Like An Expert With The Rome Agent 2013 snowboard. When you have the time and experience to really deliver power on the runs, the 2013 Rome Agent  gives you the hardware to match.  There are boards for beginners and intermediates, and then there are boards specially designed for those whose experience and skill level goes well beyond that.  This article will go over some of the features that make this board so well suited to the needs of experts... [Read More...]

2013 Rome Snowboards

2013 Rome Snowboards Offer Quality And Variety To Please All Over the last couple of decades snowboarding has emerged as a sport that is on the rise in the United States and around the world, even to the point of it becoming a Winter Olympics event in 1998.  Snowboarding incorporates the fundamentals of skiing and skateboarding and comes together into one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities for the masses.  Any avid snowboarder, especially... [Read More...]

Rome SDS 2012

Board Model and Year: 2012 Rome SDS Board Size: 156 Age: 25 Riding Style: Competitive I have been riding competitively for the past three years. Since I started, I started riding Rome boards, from Austria. They have not yet let me Down during a run. Jumps 10/10 (does exactly what you can do and gives you room for progress) Moguls 10/10 (carving these all day long) Powder 9/10 (stays up, and stays fast) Tricks 9/10 (light but mine is a bit long) Hard... [Read More...]

Rome Agent Rocker 2011

By Wallace Board Model and Year: Rome Agent Rocker 2011 Board Size: 157 Age: 34 Riding Style: old school slow spinning tweaker great board although not as good as last years agent 1985, far more serious, and somehow manages to be stiffer, but with no more pop. the camber underfoot is a lot more pronounced in this model, giving unbelievable edge hold. very solid off big jumps, and holds a rail well, and the dampening really works if you land on ice,... [Read More...]

Rome Agent 1985 2010

by: wallace Board Model and Year: agent 1985 2010 Board Size: 157 Age: 33 Riding Style: old school slow spinning tweaker ok to be fair i’ve only had the board 2 days, and haven’t had any pow to try it in yet, but there aren’t any reviews of this board on the net yet and someone needs to spread the word. If you’ve seen avatar, then it’s a bit like when they plug their pony tails into the animals. This board is your sex... [Read More...]

Rome Artifact 1985 – 2010

by Matt P. The 2010 Rome Artifact 1985 puts you in control of your snowboarding experience. Rome and it’s designers have one thing in mind when they design boards; a great day on the mountain for their riders. The 2010 Artifact 1985 was designed with the rider in mind and is loaded with features. Glass Reverse-V Stringer Technology focuses energy in the center of the tip and tail for more pop. You’ll also get bronze edges for more baseline... [Read More...]

Rome Cheap Trick 2010

The 2010 Rome Cheap Trick 330 bucks. No joke. This is a serious park board with enough pop to satisfy the nastiest of park rats. This year’s Rome Cheap Trick comes with a custom jib-and-flex profile that is built specifically for park riding. For $330 bucks we should all have the Rome Cheap Trick on our roof rack. Bottom line is that this is a high quality board and very reasonable price. Nice job Rome. Features of the Rome Cheap Trick include... [Read More...]

2010 Rome Artifact 1985

The 2010 Rome Artifact 1985 snowboard is a true twin tip Freestyle snowboard made for Jibbing.    This is a snowboard that  is  going to allow you to rip up everything, basically making the whole mountain into your very own park.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Rome Artifact 1985, this has been known for years as one of the top  top Jibbing snowboards. The 2010 Rome Artifact 1985 snowboard is made with the Pop Matrix core to... [Read More...]