2013 Ride Snowboards

Innovative Lines for The 2013 Ride Snowboards is what makes it special! For the 2013 winter season, Ride snowboards have introduced several new innovative lines of boards to keep snowboarders of all skill levels and genders entertained this winter.  Ride’s new lines for 2013 include the All Mountain Rocker and the Right Sized series. Brand new for the 2013 Ride snowboards is the All Mountain Rocker profile.  All Mountain Rocker boards have what... [Read More...]

2010 Ride Concept TMS

Board Model and Year: 2010 Ride Concept TMS Board Size: 159 Age: 51 Riding Style: Free Ride I have not posted a review before, but this board is worth talking about. Previously rode Burton Royale for 5 years (size 11 foot); fine, basic board. After much research went with the Ride Concept TMS – the difference is truly amazing. The board has a ton of pop and is INCREDIBLY RESPONSIVE. The sales rep said it will make you a better snowboarder,... [Read More...]

Ride Machete – 2010

The new 2010 Ride Machete snowboard was voted Snowboarder Magazine’s number one in the Men’s Best of Test category, and given its incredible all mountain performance, we’d have to agree. The Ride Machete comes loaded with Ride’s innovative board technology, including LowRize rocker sidecut which minimizes hook while maintaining great pop. As with most Ride’s 2010 boards, the Machete features 85A Slimewalls which are... [Read More...]

Ride DH2 2010

The Ride DH2 2010 Snowboard is a twin tip FreeStyle snowboard, that is built to be  a jibbing machine.  The biggest question out there is what is the difference in the Ride DH and the Ride DH2 and I think the easiest explanation is the DH2 is the Ride DH on steroids.  The new Ride DH2 is built to take you to the next level without worrying about getting caught up on any tricks or just ripping up the mountain. The 2010 Ride DH2 Ride’s new... [Read More...]

Ride DH 2010

The Ride DH has a become a snowboard ‘classic’, anchoring the Ride line up for several years.  The choice of several professional riders, the Ride DH is primarily a freestyle board, and incorporates ‘Pop Stixs’ technology, which gives the board great flex and super pop.  A great all mountain board, the DH can handle everything from biggest hits, to the most technical parks. In addition to ‘Pop Stixs’, the Ride... [Read More...]

2010 Ride Crush

Ride snowboards continues to impress with high quality, high performing boards, and the 2010 Ride Crush lives up to that expectation. Packed with Ride’s top features, the Ride Crush features the LowRize Rocker with LowRize Sidecuts. For more information on the Rocker technology, check out the video below. Ride’s own description of the Ride Crush really says it all; “You can show her off to your friends or run with her through the park, grab... [Read More...]

Ride Agenda 2010

The 2010 Ride Agenda is a Twin Tip FreeStyle snowboard that is really nice ride for the money. This board is considered by some as one of the best FreeStyle boards on the market for the money. Personally this board does not match up to my Burton Custom…. but for almost half the money I guess I would have to think twice. [Read More…]  Read More →

2009 Ride Kink

Ride Snowboards Slimewalls 60sec spot from Ride Snowboards on Vimeo. [Read More…]  Read More →

2009 Ride DH2

Reviewed By: Joe Gardiner Board Model: DH2 Board Size: 155 Age: 24 Riding Style: Everything This board is everything Ride claims it to be. The slimewalls and transitional radial sidecut ensure smooth turning even on a choppy groomer. It is a very lively board with a lot of pop. It is very easy to pop out of presses making it a very maneuverable board on jibs. The base, yet a little harder to wax is very fast and worth the extra time to give it... [Read More...]

2008 Ride Concept UL 159

Reviewed By:  John Park Age:     30 Riding Style:  Freeriding First, my idea of a 10 is a board that will ride pow and ice effortlessly, not fatigue me riding for more than 6 hours, carve hard, no chatter, look sweet, goes fast and doesn’t make me think, “I wish this board did XX or I wish this board didn’t do YY” essentially the true all in one board; the board that I would ride EVERYWHERE. Is the Concept UL such a board... [Read More...]