Lamar Ltd Peak Polymer Snowboard 2010

Board Model and Year: 2010 Ltd Peak By Jake Board Size: 154 Age: 25 Riding Style: Competitive My experience is that I have been riding for 15 years, the last 3 have been competitively. The Ltd was my first board purchase as a poor college kid. Before that I had used burton and ride handmedowns. When I practice, I love the Ltd polymer boards, specifically my peak board. Jumps 7/10 (a tad heavy) Moguls 6/10 (a tad too flexy) Powder 9/10 (only problem... [Read More...]

Rome SDS 2012

Board Model and Year: 2012 Rome SDS Board Size: 156 Age: 25 Riding Style: Competitive I have been riding competitively for the past three years. Since I started, I started riding Rome boards, from Austria. They have not yet let me Down during a run. Jumps 10/10 (does exactly what you can do and gives you room for progress) Moguls 10/10 (carving these all day long) Powder 9/10 (stays up, and stays fast) Tricks 9/10 (light but mine is a bit long) Hard... [Read More...]

Burton Verdict – Is the board any good?

By Pedro Board Model and Year: burton verdict Board Size: 155 Age: 21 does any one know any thing about the Burton Verdict??? i just got one for realy cheap but dont find any information about it!!! can some one tell me if i just got a piece of junk or not???? thx  Read More →

2012 K2 Raygun

By John Board Model and Year: 2012 K2 Raygun Board Size: 156 Age: 30 Riding Style: all mountain Awsome board! the20120 k2 raygun was my first snowboard and i progressed soo much on this board. I would recommend this board to any beginner to intermediate rider who is looking to have fun on the groomers and make the whole mountain your playground. I have the burton mission bindings and the k2 raider boots and it is and awesome combo.  Read More →

Don’t buy Palmer snowboards

By:  Chuck Board Model and Year: Palmer Board Size: 162 Age: 40 Riding Style: All mountain I paid over $1500 for the snowboard from Palmer. The board was good while it lasted. I have had 2 major problems though. 1 – DESIGN FLAW? • It is my opinion that there is a design or manufacturing flaw with the carbon strips or laminations Palmer uses on their boards. I was riding in semi-light powder and the board lost its lamination and the carbon... [Read More...]

Burton Custom X 2012

By Mike Board Model and Year: Burton Custom X 2012 Board Size: 152 Age: 25 Riding Style: FreeStyle I just bought the 2012 Burton Custom X and have already taken a few early season run and this board already seems like it is going to fun. I was looking around a while for a board and when I read some of the reviews here on some of the older Custom X’s I was impressed with what other boarders liked about them. But I have to say one of the big reasons... [Read More...]

2012 Burton Snowboards Reviews

By: Nolan Board Model and Year: Burton Board Size: 150’s Riding Style: FreeStyle Does anyone know what boards Burton has from the 2012 line that are any good? I heard the Custom X as always is one of their best decks, but what about the new Nug Baords? Appreciate the help and advice!  Read More →

Dont Like Arbors Snowboards

By George Board Model and Year: Arbor, any year Board Size: any size Age: 24 Riding Style: Big Mountain/all mountain All arbor snowboards are pieces of shit. I’m about 200lbs, (i know, pretty big, but really not that big) rode an arbor for 20-30 days and the top sheet started cracking after 14 of those days. I ride with another dude who is 150lbs soaking wet and he had the same problem with his arbor. A cracked top sheet means water will... [Read More...]

StepChild Latchkey 2011

By Aidan Board Model and Year: stepchild latchkey 2012 Board Size: 153 Age: 22 Riding Style: park this board is awesome. it feels soft and buttery but holds solid when needed. the reason for this is because the board has 10 inserts under each foot making it work great in all conditions. This is mainly a jibing board but has a big nose and tail combined with the rocker shape to make it floaty in powder. I wrote a review on the stepchild jibstick before... [Read More...]

Lib Tech Skate Banana 2009

By David Board Model and Year: Lib Tech Skate Banana 2009 Board Size: 156 Age: 18 Riding Style: all mt. For four long years I rented snowboards at my local ski resort. Every time I got one of the resorts’ old battered boards, I would dream of owning my own board. Two years ago, my dreams came true. When my dad and I went to our local outdoor shop, it wasn’t the first board that caught my eye, but after talking to the employee that was helping... [Read More...]

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