Nitro Blacklight 2010

By:  Steve B Board Model and Year: 2009/10 Nitro Blacklight Board Size: 157 Age: 38 Riding Style: All-mountain I agree with the other review on the Nitro Blacklight. This board is extremely fast. I live in the Southeast and it handles the conditions perfectly. Ice, no problem. Packed groomers. Seldom powder, no problem. This is the fastest board I have ever ridden and I have ridden a-lot of different boards. The edges are razor-sharp, so you better... [Read More...]

Nitro Blacklight 157

By Coog Board Model: Nitro Blacklight Board Size: 157 Age: 37 Riding Style: All mountain Took the Blacklight out to Colorado and the board was an absolute slayer. Rode in pow through the bowls,trees,cruisers, groomers and traverses and the board killed it on all. The pow was a bit deep the first few days so I put it in the back seat and let her rip. The base is super fast as I blew past people they were standing still and came in handy on those dreaded... [Read More...]

Nitro Pantera 169

By Steve Board Model: Nitro Pantera Board Size: 169 Age: 39 Riding Style: Freeride This board is amazing… it is superfast, super-responsive, and carves like a mother. Took a couple runs to get used to, but after that, its awesome. I was used to a more “intermediate” board with more flex and less response, so I found that putting the same amount of “turn/lean” input into this board, was overkill… once that was figured... [Read More...]

2008 Nitro Black Widow 153

Reviewed By:  Grace Kim Age:     23 Riding Style:  Freeride 2008 Nitro Black Widow 153 This board pretty much rocks. I was struggling choosing between the Option Bella or this one, and I decided to go cheap and get the Black Widow (it was only cheaper because of the end-of-season sale… the two boards are actually about the same price originally). I was heavily leaning on the Bella, because I liked the graphics, and I thought it would be... [Read More...]