Never Summer t5 Premier Board

By: Caleb Board Model and Year: Never Summer t5 2007 Board Size: 168 Age: 14 Riding Style: all mountain First off, I love never summer, I got my first never summer when I was nine. I had the premier board and I had it for 4 years. Now I have the Never Summer t5 premier board wich is the premier board all grown up. The first thing I thought about this board was how fast and long it was, I went through some Alaskan backcountry and it was a dream. I... [Read More...]

Never Summer Circuit R

By Scott Board Model and Year: never summer circuit R Board Size: 155 Age: 24 Riding Style: anything and everything I just picked up this board a couple of days ago and I must say that I am not disseminated. I’ve never road a board that was as fun as this. It presses so easily that you might as well be playing a video game. The new vario power grip edge is great because you can pretty much round you edges and still hold the wall in the pipe.... [Read More...]

Never Summer Evo

By Forrest Board Model and Year: 2009 Board Size: 155 Age: 27 Riding Style: All Mountain / Park The new NS Evo with the rocker camber tech is by far the best I have ever ridden. It butters like a fiend and has just the right amount of flex and pop. It rides way nice, plus I love supporting the smaller, still made in the usa snowboard companies. Best warranty in the business, but it is unlikely you will ever need it. I still have a NS premier from... [Read More...]

Never Summer Lotus

By Sally Board Model: Lotus Board Size: 154 Age: 23 Riding Style: Freeride These guys are a smaller company but if you want a board that will last longer than you will, then you should check them out! They are called Never Summer and I found out about them from an instructor friend. She rides the Infinity and after doing a little homework I decided I would get a board from them too… Best board I have ever been on, bar NONE! If you don’t... [Read More...]

Never Summer Premier F1

Reviewed By:  James K Age:     ? Riding Style:  All-Mountain Never Summer Premier F1 These burton customs do ride well as an all mountain board, but dont think about taking them into the park to jib rails because they cant stand the abuse and if you ride a lot then they wont hold up. Iv broken three in one year. One in the park and two others freeriding. They all snapped in the same spot on the tail end. I used to think that it was a fun board,... [Read More...]