K2 Brigade 2013

The Effortless Riding K2 Brigade Snowboard 2013 Improvement as a snowboarder comes easily with the K2 Brigade Snowboard 2013.  When you ride the mountain, there is nothing as important as the hardware you take along.  You build familiarity over time, depending on particular styles and strengths, and when you have a snowboard that plays to those strengths, you are primed to improve and enjoy every run along the way.  This article will go over the... [Read More...]

2013 K2 Snowboards

  The 21013 K2 snowboard is all about its technology! With a rich history in the snow sport business, K2 now offers some eco-conscious and innovative technologies to their lineup of 2013 K2 snowboards. K2’s hallmark technologies include their line of   snowboards that include bamboo cores, dubbed Bambooyah, and their unique snowboard construction that has moved away from the traditional construction method used in years past. The bamboo plant... [Read More...]

2012 K2 Raygun

By John Board Model and Year: 2012 K2 Raygun Board Size: 156 Age: 30 Riding Style: all mountain Awsome board! the20120 k2 raygun was my first snowboard and i progressed soo much on this board. I would recommend this board to any beginner to intermediate rider who is looking to have fun on the groomers and make the whole mountain your playground. I have the burton mission bindings and the k2 raider boots and it is and awesome combo.  Read More →

K2 Brigade – 2010

Another great all mountain board from K2, the 2010 K2 Brigade features K2’s new catch free technology.  By adding a small amount of Rocker in the tip and tail, and reducing camber, the board is less likely to catch an edge, providing forgiving, easy to ride performance. A great board for intermediate riders, looking to improve, the K2 Brigade provides consistent all-mountain performance at a reasonable price point.  The Brigade comes equipped... [Read More...]

K2 Parkstar 2010

The 2010 K2 Parkstar snowboard was created because they did not want to mess with the Darkstar, and they wanted to try something different.   Therefore K2 decided to take all that people love about tech K2 Darkstar and add some new tech to come up with the K2 Parkstar. The 2010 K2 Parkstar is a twin tip, high performance, FreeStyle machine.  The difference between the Parkstar and the Darkstar is this board is built with the K2 Jib Rocker.  The... [Read More...]

K2 Jibpan – 2010

If you live in the park, than the 2010 K2 Jibpan is the board for you. The K2 Jibpan features the K2 JIB TIP which integrates a longer effective edge with a shorter nose and and tail to provide a more maneuverable board without losing stability. As great as this board is in the park, it can also hold its own carving through the powder. Hyper Progressive sidecuts and carbon inlays provides a quick response and a powerful pop. Like most of K2’s... [Read More...]

K2 Believer – 2010

Voted the best overall snowboard by Transworld, the 2010 K2 Believer is a top notch, high performance snowboard.  Designed by and for experienced riders, the K2 Believer features advanced technology, including Flatline Technology which helps make the believer incredibly smooth. The Believer is a true all mountain snowboard.  Sintered 4000 base maximizes speed, while the Hyper Progressive sidecuts allows for easy consistent turns. The K2 Believer... [Read More...]

Ride DH 2010

The Ride DH has a become a snowboard ‘classic’, anchoring the Ride line up for several years.  The choice of several professional riders, the Ride DH is primarily a freestyle board, and incorporates ‘Pop Stixs’ technology, which gives the board great flex and super pop.  A great all mountain board, the DH can handle everything from biggest hits, to the most technical parks. In addition to ‘Pop Stixs’, the Ride... [Read More...]

K2 Anagram 2010

by Matt P. The 2010 K2 Anagram is designed to take your boarding skills to the next level. Develop your skills and keep some cash in your wallet. This board is also a great value. The K2 Anagram is loaded with features, including a lightweight W1 core, a hybritech tip and a centered stance. The Anagram has a reduced swing weight, allowing for more swing and spin. This is the perfect board for trying out new tricks and perfecting old ones. Key Features... [Read More...]

2004 K2 Instinct 165

Reviewed By: Alex S Age:     29 Riding Style:  FreeRide My previous board was a k2 zeppelin from 1999 and i previously tested some other boards especially rossignols. usually riding slopes and powder i wanted to try an all mountain board. the instict is extremely stable at any speed and any surface. very good carving on ice etc. but it’s definitly not a cruiser, it shines when riding hard and wants more. in comparison with the rossignol... [Read More...]