2013 Burton Custom

A new range of 2013 Burton Custom Snowboards is on the horizon.  With names such as the Juice Wagon and the Parkitect, you know that these new models are some of the slickest and sickest snowboards on the market.  There is of course the beloved and favorite line too in the classics such as Custom, Easy livin and the Clash.  These are all still available but why not try something new this year with a 2013 snowboard? The Juice Wagon is a great addition... [Read More...]

2013 Burton Snowboards

Innovative Technology In The 2013 Burton Snowboards With winter fast approaching, it’s time to take a serious look at the newly released snowboards for the 2013 season.  Earlier this year, Burton officially launched an exciting triumvirate: their new film, 13, their newly rebuilt website, something Burton prides themselves on doing each year, and their new line of snowboards. At the core of their triple threat are the 2013 Burton snowboards. ... [Read More...]

Burton Method 2012

by Joey Board Model and Year: Burton Method 2012 Board Size: 159 Age: 25 Riding Style: Freeride 2012 has been a great year for the snowboard industry at large. From simple snowboards produced for the market, snowboard manufacturers are putting a huge money for the R&D and that is how Burton did for themselves to create the top of the range 2012 Burton Snowboards. The Burton Method Snowboard 2012 flex and rider style impression leads to a great... [Read More...]

Burton Verdict – Is the board any good?

By Pedro Board Model and Year: burton verdict Board Size: 155 Age: 21 does any one know any thing about the Burton Verdict??? i just got one for realy cheap but dont find any information about it!!! can some one tell me if i just got a piece of junk or not???? thx  Read More →

Burton Custom X 2012

By Mike Board Model and Year: Burton Custom X 2012 Board Size: 152 Age: 25 Riding Style: FreeStyle I just bought the 2012 Burton Custom X and have already taken a few early season run and this board already seems like it is going to fun. I was looking around a while for a board and when I read some of the reviews here on some of the older Custom X’s I was impressed with what other boarders liked about them. But I have to say one of the big reasons... [Read More...]

2012 Burton Snowboards Reviews

By: Nolan Board Model and Year: Burton Board Size: 150’s Riding Style: FreeStyle Does anyone know what boards Burton has from the 2012 line that are any good? I heard the Custom X as always is one of their best decks, but what about the new Nug Baords? Appreciate the help and advice!  Read More →

Shaun White TWC Pro

By: Marc Board Model and Year: Burton TWC Pro 2011 Board Size: 156 Age: 21 Riding Style: Cruiser Burton TWC Pro Snowboard Fine tuned to Shaun White’s exact specifications, the new TWC Pro snowboard is ready to conquer any mountain, anywhere. The TWC is versatile thanks to its directional shape and is primed to handle any terrain with its Super Fly II core, Frostbite edges and Lightning Bolts for unsurpassed precision and superior edge hold.... [Read More...]

Burton Vapor 2010

By David Board Model and Year: vapor 2010 Board Size: 157 Age: 45 Riding Style: Mountain Hi guys, Rode a custom x for the longest time then I switched to a 2010 vapor with C60 bindings, Set up the vapor identical to the X ,Dont really know what i’m doing wrong but i feel like its taking all my energy to ride this board and my front foot (small toe exactly) is killing me. I switched back tot he X and right away my foot got so much better. Is... [Read More...]

2010 Burton Custom ICS 157

By Max Board Model and Year: 2010 Burton Custom ICS Board Size: 157 W Age: 14 Riding Style: aggressive the Burton custom ics is a great board. this board is great for carving and speed. the board is great for terrain park too. you can make so great fast turns and the turns also effortless. buy this board!  Read More →

Burton Custom X 158 Wide

By:  Steve Board Model and Year: Burton Custom x Board Size: 162cm Age: 44 Riding Style: free ride I just returned from my first day on my new Burton Custom X. To give a little background, this is my second season on a snowboard. I have a custom 158 wide for regular use and a custom 167 wide for powder. I consider myself an intermediate level rider. After reading many reviews, I was uncertain if i was ready for this board. Many go on about how it... [Read More...]

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