Dont Like Arbors Snowboards

By George Board Model and Year: Arbor, any year Board Size: any size Age: 24 Riding Style: Big Mountain/all mountain All arbor snowboards are pieces of shit. I’m about 200lbs, (i know, pretty big, but really not that big) rode an arbor for 20-30 days and the top sheet started cracking after 14 of those days. I ride with another dude who is 150lbs soaking wet and he had the same problem with his arbor. A cracked top sheet means water will... [Read More...]

Arbor Coda 2010

Board Model and Year: Arbor Coda / 2010 Board Size: 161 Age: 32 Riding Style: All Mountain / Freestyle Arbor Coda.  The “go anywhere do anything” board. I live in the central valley of Ca, and ride at Kirkwood Mtn. in Ca. I’ve ridden everything on the Coda from groomers, hard pack/ice, chop, pow, park and pipe. I have extremely high expectations for boards and the Coda exceeded all of them. It has plenty of pop, is very fun and... [Read More...]

Arbor Abacus

By John Park Board Model: Abacus Board Size: 160 Age: 30 Riding Style: Freeride If you ride east coast ice, hard packed, groomers and never see powder days nor yearn for them. The Abacus will not be your friend, Arbor has many others to fit your needs the Abacus is not it. However if you are looking to ease out those bad ass pow days with something that will ALWAYS perform on the fresh, be it on the groomers, in the trees, slaying a bowl, dropping... [Read More...]