K2 Brigade 2013

The Effortless Riding K2 Brigade Snowboard 2013 Improvement as a snowboarder comes easily with the K2 Brigade Snowboard 2013.  When you ride the mountain, there is nothing as important as the hardware you take along.  You build familiarity over time, depending on particular styles and strengths, and when you have a snowboard that plays to those strengths, you are primed to improve and enjoy every run along the way.  This article will go over the... [Read More...]

Rome Agent 2013

Ride Like An Expert With The Rome Agent 2013 snowboard. When you have the time and experience to really deliver power on the runs, the 2013 Rome Agent  gives you the hardware to match.  There are boards for beginners and intermediates, and then there are boards specially designed for those whose experience and skill level goes well beyond that.  This article will go over some of the features that make this board so well suited to the needs of experts... [Read More...]

2013 Burton Custom

A new range of 2013 Burton Custom Snowboards is on the horizon.  With names such as the Juice Wagon and the Parkitect, you know that these new models are some of the slickest and sickest snowboards on the market.  There is of course the beloved and favorite line too in the classics such as Custom, Easy livin and the Clash.  These are all still available but why not try something new this year with a 2013 snowboard? The Juice Wagon is a great addition... [Read More...]

Lib Tech TRS 2013

What The Lib Tech TRS Snowboard 2013 Does For Your Ride The freestyle optimized Lib Tech TRS Snowboard 2013 is built for stability and forgiveness in your ride.  When you’re up on the mountain, that’s reliability you’ll be grateful to have, whether you’ve refined your taste and style toward this hardware’s unique strengths, or are just beginning as a boarder.  This article will go over those features that make this board unique and desirable... [Read More...]

2013 Rome Snowboards

2013 Rome Snowboards Offer Quality And Variety To Please All Over the last couple of decades snowboarding has emerged as a sport that is on the rise in the United States and around the world, even to the point of it becoming a Winter Olympics event in 1998.  Snowboarding incorporates the fundamentals of skiing and skateboarding and comes together into one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities for the masses.  Any avid snowboarder, especially... [Read More...]

2013 Ride Snowboards

Innovative Lines for The 2013 Ride Snowboards is what makes it special! For the 2013 winter season, Ride snowboards have introduced several new innovative lines of boards to keep snowboarders of all skill levels and genders entertained this winter.  Ride’s new lines for 2013 include the All Mountain Rocker and the Right Sized series. Brand new for the 2013 Ride snowboards is the All Mountain Rocker profile.  All Mountain Rocker boards have what... [Read More...]

2013 K2 Snowboards

  The 21013 K2 snowboard is all about its technology! With a rich history in the snow sport business, K2 now offers some eco-conscious and innovative technologies to their lineup of 2013 K2 snowboards. K2’s hallmark technologies include their line of   snowboards that include bamboo cores, dubbed Bambooyah, and their unique snowboard construction that has moved away from the traditional construction method used in years past. The bamboo plant... [Read More...]

2013 Forum Snowboards

2013 Forum Snowboards Line Improves Maneuverability And Power Whether you are the occasional snowboarder or a competitive, die-hard snowboarder that hits the slopes from sun up to sun down the 2013 Forum Snowboards offer updated innovative boards to help you shred through any surface and with style.  With the goal of making snowboarding more fun, these new boards offer various styles and designs that can help you make the entire mountain your own... [Read More...]

2013 Burton Snowboards

Innovative Technology In The 2013 Burton Snowboards With winter fast approaching, it’s time to take a serious look at the newly released snowboards for the 2013 season.  Earlier this year, Burton officially launched an exciting triumvirate: their new film, 13, their newly rebuilt website, something Burton prides themselves on doing each year, and their new line of snowboards. At the core of their triple threat are the 2013 Burton snowboards. ... [Read More...]

Burton Method 2012

by Joey Board Model and Year: Burton Method 2012 Board Size: 159 Age: 25 Riding Style: Freeride 2012 has been a great year for the snowboard industry at large. From simple snowboards produced for the market, snowboard manufacturers are putting a huge money for the R&D and that is how Burton did for themselves to create the top of the range 2012 Burton Snowboards. The Burton Method Snowboard 2012 flex and rider style impression leads to a great... [Read More...]

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