Capita Photo Fetish 2008

Board Model and Year: Photo Phetish 05/06-07/08 RIP

Board Size: 160

Age: 29

Riding Style: Method tweak

This was the best fuckin board ever.I am 185 lbs 6’5 10.5boot This board was the perfect Stiffness for my weight mid wide true twin deep euro carve sidecut super lightweight core 100% maximum extreme rockin roll. This board hauls ass and carves amazingly, has snappy pop and just really performs.I had every years model (I had like 5) and really liked the graphic style of all of them and loved each one until it broke and I warrantied it for a new one. I have ridden a lot of other boards and I can say that this is the ultimate all mountain board. By far the best board I have ever ridden and I have been in the industry for like 10 years. I mean I have used it heli riding, I landed my first switch 7 in the park with it, Slapped boxes it really is amazing or was amazing. I would really recommend anyone looking for a new board to concider a Capita.

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