Buyers Guide

Before you invest the big money in a new board there are a few rules to help you make the right choice:

Test it before you buy it.
All the mountains have demo days or go to your local shop and see what boards they are renting.  You are better spending $20-$40 to test out a board and find out you don’t like it rather than spending $500.

Don’t listen to what anyone else says.

Just because some guy on the list says there board is the best does not mean it is for you.   He or she may be a cruise and you love to rip.  So it is cool to find out if people like a board, but make that a board you want to test to see if you want to buy.

Especially don’t listen to some sale guy.

These guys are paid to sell snowboard.. Yeah they may care a little bit that you are going to have a good ride… but they are there to sell.  The will put you in the most expensive board they can.

Big Guys/Girls does not always you need a big Board

The old rule was that is you were X feet tall you needed atleast a 160 or if you weighed over so much you also need a long board…. no true anymore.  So make sure the check out the deck and you will see a good board can handle the weight and then with height it is all about what you feel comfotable with.

Get good Bindings

Yeah I have been cheap before and got a great new board and added the $75 bindings.  Teh screws were coming off after 5 trips to the moutain, i hade to replace one of the straps the first yeah annd to cap it off the straps always would get stuck… So you don’t need to go super expensive, but dont’ be cheap.

Nice Boots are key and make sure they are not too small

A nice pair of boots that feel good on your feet, remember these are not sneakers so they are not going to feel perfect.  These days you want something that has nice support in the ankle and a stiff back, but it should also have a little flex for the Toe side turns.

Before you ride the board make sure the stance is correct

I picked up a new board and assumed they set it up right for me and I was wrong.  It was way to wide.  A good rule of thumb is to measure shoulder to shoulder (keep that measurement), then sit down and have someone measure from the bottom of your heel to the top of your knee (Write that measurement).  Then you stance should be somewhere between those two widths, you will notice that they are going to be an inch or two apart, so split the difference and set up your bindings.