Burton Vapor 2010

By David

Board Model and Year: vapor 2010

Board Size: 157

Age: 45

Riding Style: Mountain

Hi guys,
Rode a custom x for the longest time then I switched to a 2010 vapor with C60 bindings, Set up the vapor identical to the X ,Dont really know what i’m doing wrong but i feel like its taking all my energy to ride this board and my front foot (small toe exactly) is killing me. I switched back tot he X and right away my foot got so much better. Is the Vapor and C60 binidng combination too stiff??? any ideas


One Response to “Burton Vapor 2010”
  1. Andy says:

    i dont know the answer but i have exactly the same problem. i thought it was by boots but if its happening to you when you change board and bindings then it could be something else. i’d love to know how to solve this problem

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