Burton Playboy 2009


By Jordan

Board Model and Year: Love 08/09

Board Size: 162

Age: 29

Riding Style: Old School

So I warranited my Capita “Photo Phetish” 160 and decided to try something different, and I like the degenerate graphics of the 80 Playboy stars. Ok so its a true twin like the capita and a mid-wide. The first thing I must say is as soon as you go with a burton 3 bolt board you are way more limited to your stance width options which just plain sucks. I Tried two stances on it maxed out- and front binding one back. Maxed out was rediculously wide like stupid wide and one back was a bit, further back than I usually like but better. This board is extremely soft it has a decent sidecut but not a lot of pop or edge control in and out of your turns I find it carves sloppy. It has a bit of pop to it under foot ollieing but it doesn’t make up for the boards biggest problem which is IT IS FUCKING HEAVY! Really heavy. Riding this board compared to my Capita is like night and day it feels like a giant brick under foot and it fucks up my riding. I will go back to riding my old rock board now because what is the point of getting used to riding a 1990s weight board??. I refuse to spent another day on it no matter how good it looks.

My advise is stay away from this tank and ride somthing with some better core material unless you want it for your wall. Not feelin the Love.


One Response to “Burton Playboy 2009”
  1. Sven says:

    Since I hate the graphics on most boards which are so goth, death, skulls and distruction, I was immediately drawn to Burton’s classy 2009 Love boards. Being a collector type, I snapped up the 162, 158 (tennis girl) , and 152 (baseball girl)…..and glad I did, since the 2010 models are totally PC and bland in graphics.
    The great thing is they ride as great as they look. Compared to my other boards (Option), these boards maneuver much more easily……you think what direction you want them to go, and they go there – no heaving around to get turned. I find they hold an edge as well as any other board I’ve ever ridden. Yeah, maybe they’re a little heavier than some of the new super light boards, but, hey, who cares – they’re made for riding not carrying.

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