Burton Method 2012

by Joey

Board Model and Year: Burton Method 2012

Board Size: 159

Age: 25

Riding Style: Freeride

2012 has been a great year for the snowboard industry at large. From simple snowboards produced for the market, snowboard manufacturers are putting a huge money for the R&D and that is how Burton did for themselves to create the top of the range 2012 Burton Snowboards.

The Burton Method Snowboard 2012 flex and rider style impression leads to a great amount of flex and response without being too stiff. The construction is unconventional with the latest in aerospace technology. Flying V rocks the overall of the Burton Snowboard with its playfulness and float through pow but with subtle amber zones underneath. While slimrail sidewall is streamlined, edges and base are highly durable to overcome tremendous hard, icy conditions.

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