Burton Deuce 2010

By: Andrew T

Board Model and Year: Burton Deuce 2010

Board Size: 156

Age: 15

Riding Style: Park

So i bought this board brand new because it was cheap… bad move i know its not a park board but neither was my 2008 morrow… i eventually had to go back to my old backup board just cause the Burton couldn’t handle much action… within the first few weeks i was riding again, i broke the tail, and it wasn’t because of SEVERE under-rotation, somehow i landed in a tail press doing front flips (which aren’t a problem for me) and now i have this lovely line of missing plastic (or whatever the 1st layer is made of) and butter bumps… also my board has edges that compress in when ever i catch on something, now i have three random bumps of wax on the bottom and edges that are compressed in and are un-useable now im stuck with an old board and my friend is having similar problems with a Burton park specific board ……… Thank you burton for letting me down.


3 Responses to “Burton Deuce 2010”
  1. Shawn says:

    Man… sucks you had those issues with your board. I have rode the Deuce before and it was ok, but not made for the park. I ride a Burton Custom and it holds up real well.

  2. Michael says:

    I wonder if it is just a defective board? My Duece rides great but then again I am a freerider. not park. Try contacting Burton

  3. Caleb says:

    That definately sucks man but i wouldnt be too hard on the board. If you want to ride park… get a park board any idot knows that. I ride a burton duece in Utah’s awesome pow and the board handles everything I throw at it. Ive hit the park, hit tight trees and powder kickers and multiple chutes with that board. It may not be the best board but for the price its totally worth it.

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