Burton Custom X 2008

By: Elliot

Board Model and Year: Burton Custom X 2008

Board Size: 155

Age: 25

Riding Style: All Mountain

Pros: Very good, fast base. One of the faster boards out there and it eats up groomed terrain. The edge is solid and holds very well (though I haven’t tested it on icey conditions – I live in the northeast – so I can’t confirm just how good the edge is). Very stiff board which is a pro or con depending on your riding style and abilities. I’m also a big fan of the design – intricate yet understated.
Cons: Doesn’t float very well in powder. I found myself sinking even when going fast and leaning back on the board. The stiffness of the board makes it difficult on un-groomed terrain and riding through the glades. I’m also not a fan of the binding layout, the holes were designed for Burton bindings and don’t give a lot of flexibility in binding positioning.
Final thoughts: I used this Board in Jackson Hole and Smuggler’s Notch (VT). Really this board is made for the East Coast. It’s got an excellent edge and it’s fast making it ideal on groomed runs and those unfortunate icey days that riders in the Northeast know all too well. West coast riders will notice its shortcomings a lot more, particularly on powder days, glades, and above the tree-line riding. East Coasters – don’t hesitate, Custom X is the way to go. West Coasters – you might be disappointed.

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2 Responses to “Burton Custom X 2008”
  1. snowsports says:

    the burton custom x is a stiffer version of the flagship burton custom, probably burtons best selling board over the last 10 years. As stated above its fast and responsive, and one of my favorite boards for hauling butt. The burton core at this level is not my favorite, asit sometimes isnt damp enough for me. But overall a excellent board

  2. Jack says:

    Elliot, could you please tell me how much you weigh? I am considering a Custom X myself and I fear I will be too heavy for the 156 I might have a chance to get very cheap. I am 160 lbs now, and with time it might only grow :)

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