Burton Clash 2010

The Burton Clash 2010 Snowboard is an all-mountain FreeStyle snowboard, that is all about the ride and not the price.    Like most freestyle snowboards this is a twin tip, but with untuned edges at the nose to give you an effortless feel when you try to stop, turn or land.

The 2010 Burton Clash also has Burton’s “Cruise Control” technology, which is going to give you more confidence to progress your ridding.  The Cruise Control gives you a softer flex and an easier edge tune to provide you almost a catch-free riding experience.  Anyone who has boarded for a few years will tell you the toughest part of learning was catching that first edge that knocked the wind out of you… or hurt your ass so bad it hurt to sit down.
Overall, all levels of riders are going to like this board.  But if you are someone who wants something that is not super soft and is really responsive this is not the board for you.  On Burton new scale of Feel this board is a 2 out of 10, with 10 being the super responsive and 1 being soft and relaxed.
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Proboardshop from $329.95
The-House from $329.95


3 Responses to “Burton Clash 2010”
  1. justin 127 says:

    the burton clash is not a twin tip. it has a directional shape, but twin flex.

  2. jay says:

    how is it for freestyle thogh

  3. jay 3435 says:

    iv been snowboarding for a really long time and this board is one of my favorites, i would definatly refer it.

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