Burton Clash 2006

By Donald

Board Model and Year: Burton Clash 2006

Board Size: 154

Age: 24

Riding Style: Free Style

I bought this board at the end of a season. The following season I used it once, and the year after I used it three times. This is with sticking to trails, not doing jumps rails or anything. The board is mint, however the board pealed apart and the inner core is all split. Took it to a few shops, and all said “definitely a faulty board”… However Burton wont even consider looking at it. They seem to not care about if they can make a board last, just that it last the warrantee. Luckily for the them we had a terrible season and I couldnt go out. But for anyone else thinking about getting this board or even Burton, I d think otherwise.


2 Responses to “Burton Clash 2006”
  1. stephanie says:

    The same thing happened to me, but a lot sooner, it happened after two uses and I’m and intermediate snowboarder. It sucked and Burton doesnt care because I bought it the summer before and it isn’t covered by warranty.

  2. Mike says:

    I have to same thing happen to My clash… Awesome board but sucks when they split on the edge near my heal…
    gutted….. makes you think how useless burton really is…… heard the SW boots aint any better.

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