Nitro Blacklight 157

By Coog

Board Model: Nitro Blacklight

Board Size: 157

Age: 37

Riding Style: All mountain

Took the Blacklight out to Colorado and the board was an absolute slayer. Rode in pow through the bowls,trees,cruisers, groomers and traverses and the board killed it on all. The pow was a bit deep the first few days so I put it in the back seat and let her rip. The base is super fast as I blew past people they were standing still and came in handy on those dreaded traverses.
The board has a medium flex so it’s real stable on jumps(pops) and hauling ass but you can still play around with it buttering and hitting the park. Board is lightweight but doesn’t chatter oh and did I mention you don’t have to wax it!


2 Responses to “Nitro Blacklight 157”
  1. zoryfl says:

    Nice review, thanks!
    Would you say the Blacklight needs to be ridden aggressive or is one also able to cruise with it?

  2. Coog says:

    Yeah i should say it has a medium to stiff flex and it needs to be ridden more aggressive but I was still able to bring the playful side out of it when needed. It cuts through most terain so if you wanted to sit back on it and cruise it’s all good.

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