BitchBoards Aire 2009

By: Jenn

Board Model and Year: BitchBoards® Mode 2009

Board Size: 144

Age: 26

Riding Style: All mountain- some park

I had the unique opportunity to ride my girlfriend’s BitchBoards Aire snowboard two seasons ago and I fell in love immediately. I’ve been riding for 5 years and was a Burton-snob, so I was pretty skeptical of the board’s ability. It definitely was pretty to look at, but I wasn’t sure if it could ride…. boy was I in for a surprise!

The board was amazing from the first run I took! Very lightweight and flexy I was able to do spins and butters with ease and fly off jumps! I immediately recognized a big difference in my riding and I could feel the difference of a board truly made for a woman. I was also surprised that the board did not feel wobbly or unstable. The only exception is when I was doing some alpine/racing when it wasn’t the best. But all mountain, park, carving, back country etc- this board rocked my world. I bought my own BitchBoards Mode snowboard last season and I will never go back to the Burton or Sims (my other boards).

My riding has improved dramatically and I can’t wait to try the new twin platinum snowboard. I highly recommend this board if you are looking for a fun, flexy, lightweight and stylish board! You won’t regret it!!


2 Responses to “BitchBoards Aire 2009”
  1. Mari says:

    I completely agree with your review. The Bitch Board is so sick and the matching bindings are awesome to. Its so easy to ride and I fall a lot less now that I have a Bitch Board. I was also surprised by how light the board was but it still maintained a good edge when riding. The only downside is that it is a sintered base which is better quality, but i have to get the board waxed every three or four times I ride. But I don’t mind because I always gets lots of questions about it when I take it to the shop to get waxed. I feel like its my own little secret but now I know a whole bunch of people who have bitch boards and I’m like shoot- I wanted to be the only one! Its really a great board.

  2. cynthia says:

    too expensive! are u kidding me its like 400 for the board alone. sadly i will never get an oppurtunity to try it

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