Lib Tech Skate Banana 2009

By David Board Model and Year: Lib Tech Skate Banana 2009 Board Size: 156 Age: 18 Riding Style: all mt. For four long years I rented snowboards at my local ski resort. Every time I got one of the resorts’ old battered boards, I would dream of owning my own board. Two years ago, my dreams came true. When my dad and I went to our local outdoor shop, it wasn’t the first board that caught my eye, but after talking to the employee that was helping... [Read More...]

Shaun White TWC Pro

By: Marc Board Model and Year: Burton TWC Pro 2011 Board Size: 156 Age: 21 Riding Style: Cruiser Burton TWC Pro Snowboard Fine tuned to Shaun White’s exact specifications, the new TWC Pro snowboard is ready to conquer any mountain, anywhere. The TWC is versatile thanks to its directional shape and is primed to handle any terrain with its Super Fly II core, Frostbite edges and Lightning Bolts for unsurpassed precision and superior edge hold.... [Read More...]

Rome Agent Rocker 2011

By Wallace Board Model and Year: Rome Agent Rocker 2011 Board Size: 157 Age: 34 Riding Style: old school slow spinning tweaker great board although not as good as last years agent 1985, far more serious, and somehow manages to be stiffer, but with no more pop. the camber underfoot is a lot more pronounced in this model, giving unbelievable edge hold. very solid off big jumps, and holds a rail well, and the dampening really works if you land on ice,... [Read More...]

Lib Tech TRS C2 BTX

Board Model and Year: Lib Tech TRS C2 BTX Board Size: 157 Age: 29 Riding Style: All mountain, Park, Jumps, Carving The Lib Tech TRS C2 BTX is one of the best all mountain freestyle boards. Unlike marketing claims from other companies. The features on TRS are what they say it is. It has a lots of pop, it’s great for carving, jumps. It’s very responsive, magna traction edge hold on hard pack & ice is fantastic. It’s soft enough... [Read More...]

Salomon Salomonder 2010

By: Logan Board Model and Year: Salomon Salomonder 2010 Board Size: 154 Age: 21 Riding Style: Park Height: 5′ 8″ Weight: 165 Let me just say this board is pretty rad. I had the Salomon Acid last year. That board was dope, but I’m not sure if I dig the reverse camber. The Salomonder is a similar flexing board, but flat camber. I feel like it locks into presses super easy, but the board still has great pop. Its pretty sketchy at high... [Read More...]

Burton Vapor 2010

By David Board Model and Year: vapor 2010 Board Size: 157 Age: 45 Riding Style: Mountain Hi guys, Rode a custom x for the longest time then I switched to a 2010 vapor with C60 bindings, Set up the vapor identical to the X ,Dont really know what i’m doing wrong but i feel like its taking all my energy to ride this board and my front foot (small toe exactly) is killing me. I switched back tot he X and right away my foot got so much better. Is... [Read More...]

2010 Burton Custom ICS 157

By Max Board Model and Year: 2010 Burton Custom ICS Board Size: 157 W Age: 14 Riding Style: aggressive the Burton custom ics is a great board. this board is great for carving and speed. the board is great for terrain park too. you can make so great fast turns and the turns also effortless. buy this board!  Read More →

Burton Custom X 158 Wide

By:  Steve Board Model and Year: Burton Custom x Board Size: 162cm Age: 44 Riding Style: free ride I just returned from my first day on my new Burton Custom X. To give a little background, this is my second season on a snowboard. I have a custom 158 wide for regular use and a custom 167 wide for powder. I consider myself an intermediate level rider. After reading many reviews, I was uncertain if i was ready for this board. Many go on about how it... [Read More...]

Burton Deuce 2010

By: Andrew T Board Model and Year: Burton Deuce 2010 Board Size: 156 Age: 15 Riding Style: Park So i bought this board brand new because it was cheap… bad move i know its not a park board but neither was my 2008 morrow… i eventually had to go back to my old backup board just cause the Burton couldn’t handle much action… within the first few weeks i was riding again, i broke the tail, and it wasn’t because of SEVERE under-rotation,... [Read More...]

Morrow Radium 2009

By Wes Board Model and Year: Morrow Radium 2009 Board Size: 163 Age: 21 Riding Style: All Mountain When buying this board I was kinda low on cash and wanted a cheap and quality ride. I took it out on the mountain today.. and was impressed. The board is incredibly forgiving. The flex is amazing. i had to tryyy to lose an edge. not only does the board look clean (simple dark brown top. . nice logo in the middle) but it rides like a dream. I was... [Read More...]

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