Arbor Coda 2010

Board Model and Year: Arbor Coda / 2010

Board Size: 161

Age: 32

Riding Style: All Mountain / Freestyle

Arbor Coda.  The “go anywhere do anything” board.

I live in the central valley of Ca, and ride at Kirkwood Mtn. in Ca. I’ve ridden everything on the Coda from groomers, hard pack/ice, chop, pow, park and pipe. I have extremely high expectations for boards and the Coda exceeded all of them. It has plenty of pop, is very fun and playful, and has beautiful graphics on the top sheet. It’s a directional board so it has a slight set back for the bidning location, but it can still be ridden switch. What I noticed the most was how stable it was when hitting big kickers. The board was extremely stable when hitting a big table top and was extremely stable when landing the tranny. It also has a ton of pop due to the bamboo in the core and top sheet. On groomers, its very stable at high speeds. In the pipe, it has good edge bite / edge hold to get you up to the top of the icey walls. It was a breath of fresh air compared to my previous “free ride” bords I’ve had in the past. It’s a great all mountain (cambered) board that is the “ride all / ride anything” board. Ride one, you won’t be dissapointed.

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