2B Snow Mask

By: Scott B

Derek over at 2B Therapy sent me one of their 2B Snow Masks to test out and see what I thought.   When he first emailed me a link to the product, I was impressed as soon as I saw it. One of the things I hate about some masks is how they have to be wrapped so tight around your face – this one connects right to your goggles.

Last week I was going out snowboarding and it was going to be 9 degrees at the base and -4 at the peak, so I figured it was a perfect day to test the mask.  The first mistake I made was not fully reading the directions on how to attach the mask to my goggles. Even though it looks super simple, attaching the nose piece correctly is key.  So after a few runs with the nose piece not attached correctly, I have to say I was still impressed.

After I attached the mask correctly, I never had any issues with fog and never once did it feel like it was going to fall off.

So here is my take:

What I liked:

1.  The mask was not directly wrapped around my face, so I got that breathable feel.

2.  “No Drool Face” – We have all had those makes that after a few runs leave your face wet… not this one.  One the package it readss “No Drool Face” and it is dead on.

3.  Easy to take on and off.

4.  Kept wind and kick up snow/ice out of my face.

What I did not like (or this product was not good for):

1.  It was not warm enough on the lift. This mask isn’t wrapped very tight (a good thing), but it lets the wind on the lift get through the side to make things a little too cold.

Overall I would recommend you check out this product as I really liked it when I was riding down the mountain. The mask kept the wind out of my face and the “No Drool Face” was clutch!   If you are like me and want something warm for the lift ride up, get a neck warmer or zip your jacket all the way up for the lift ride.

Check them out at:



4 Responses to “2B Snow Mask”
  1. MP says:

    This mask looks awesome – I am going to check it out!

  2. Derek says:

    Hi guys, Derek here from 2B. Just wanted to suggest that on the chair you can dip your chin down so that the mask seals along your jacket to block out wind. Combined with your hood over your head, you can completely seal off on nasty days.
    If any has questions, feel free to ask: Derek@2btherapy.com.

  3. swbriggs says:

    Derek – Thank for the suggestion, I will test it out this weekend!


  4. Griffin M. says:

    I really enjoyed the 2B Snow Mask. If offered great protection against the wind, and is very easy to take on and off. Like Scott said unlike other masks, this mask attaches to your goggles, so you don’t have that annoying velcro piece in the back, sticking to your neck. The only thing that I did not like about this mask, is that the inside is not very warm, but it did keep the wind out of my face. One suggestion is I would like to see the 2B Snow Mask in different prints and colors.

    I would rate this mask a 9 out of 10. I recommend this product to all and skiers and boarders!

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