2013 Ride Snowboards

Innovative Lines for The 2013 Ride Snowboards is what makes it special!

For the 2013 winter season, Ride snowboards have introduced several new innovative lines of boards to keep snowboarders of all skill levels and genders entertained this winter.  Ride’s new lines for 2013 include the All Mountain Rocker and the Right Sized series.

Brand new for the 2013 Ride snowboards is the All Mountain Rocker profile.  All Mountain Rocker boards have what Ride calls “rocker zones” on the tip and tail of the board.  The rocker zone at the tip is substantially larger than the rocker zone at the tail; then they have created a long, flat area in between the rocker zones that they call the stable zone.  This specific design allows intermediate and advanced all mountain snowboarders to have a smooth turn initiation and some pop in the back for jumps and tricks.

Ride also manufactures a line of snowboards they have dubbed “LSD” for ladies specific design.  Women’s snowboards must be designed differently than men’s boards due to the difference in the center of gravity and smaller shoe size.  When snowboard manufacturers first started building boards for women, they usually created them with a woman’s size 6 foot in mind.  Many of these companies have been slow to adjust to the growing average foot size for women, which is now around a size 8 ½.  Ride has been at the front of the curve in women’s snowboard design by creating their LSD line of boards, which feature a narrower waist width and a flex pattern that is specific for ladies.

Ride has taken the LSD shape even further in their 2013 Ride snowboards by creating their new Right Sized Series line.  This line is exclusively featured in their Baretta model for women.  The Right Sized Baretta features a new board profile and is made to accommodate female riders of any height and boot size.  Right Sized boards allow riders more flexibility when it comes to board length, regardless of boot size.

Thanks to the new 2013 Ride snowboards, men and women, alike, should be pleased with the innovations achieved providing snowboarders more options to do what they love doing most on the slopes.

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