2013 K2 Snowboards

  The 21013 K2 snowboard is all about its technology!

With a rich history in the snow sport business, K2 now offers some eco-conscious and innovative technologies to their lineup of 2013 K2 snowboards. K2’s hallmark technologies include their line of   snowboards that include bamboo cores, dubbed Bambooyah, and their unique snowboard construction that has moved away from the traditional construction method used in years past.

The bamboo plant is actually the largest member of the grass family.  It is a fast grower and very fibrous; as such, it is being used in more and more products due to its sustainability and durability.  K2 has taken the natural technology of the bamboo plant and infused it into the core of their Bambooyah boards, creating an extremely durable and flexible board that is nearly indestructible.  The Bambooyah core is the first ever snowboard to utilize bamboo.  K2 takes cross layers of the bamboo plant and infuses them with fiberglass ply construction, which is constructed similarly to the way a skateboard deck is manufactured.  The new design makes the snowboard more flexible and more durable than any other snowboard on the market today.  Because K2 believes in their product’s moxie so much, they provide their Bambooyah boards with five-year limited warranties.

K2 has striven to be a forerunner with respect to snowboard technology.  One of the ways they’ve been able to achieve an incredible presence in the snowboarding market is because of their constant ability to push the envelope improve snowboards.  One of the main innovations that K2 uses is what they call Hybritech construction.  The Hybritech construction method in the 2013 K2 snowboards solves the issue of heavy, cumbersome boards by eliminating the old school sandwich method of constructing a snowboard and replacing it with a cap-enclosed tip and tail.  They have been able to create lighter boards by making them thinner, leading to more maneuverability and control.

As a frontrunner in the skiing and snowboarding industry for hallmark technology, K2 provides some incredible products.  For top of the line quality, look into the 2013 K2 snowboards today.

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