2013 Burton Snowboards

Innovative Technology In The 2013 Burton Snowboards

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to take a serious look at the newly released snowboards for the 2013 season.  Earlier this year, Burton officially launched an exciting triumvirate: their new film, 13, their newly rebuilt website, something Burton prides themselves on doing each year, and their new line of snowboards.

At the core of their triple threat are the 2013 Burton snowboards.  The new Burton snowboards feature new technological innovations that offer snowboarders more riding options.  Among these new modifications is Nug Raduction, a fun and quirky term Burton has come up with to describe a new line of boards that allow riders to use a board up to 10 cm smaller than usual, to achieve a feeling more like skateboarding rather than snowboarding.  They are light on the feet and extremely easy to maneuver.  This is achieved by making the waist of the board a bit wider and then lengthening the side effects on the tip and the tail of the board to have more contact with the snow.  This provides more stability and improves the edge holds of the board.  As part of Nug Raduction innovation in the 2013 Burton snowboards, they’ve placed jumper cables on the tip and tail of the board to add pop for jumping and tricks.   Burton also utilizes what they call the “Squeezebox Core Profile “ which transfers energy to the tip and tail of the board, all while maintaining stability for the rider.

Another innovation of the Burton snowboard is “The Channel.”  The Channel is an artery that runs across the backbone of the board.  It acts as a central connection within the internal technology of the board and allows riders to adjust their stance on the board to almost any angle needed.  The Channel allows riders the flexibility to use almost any kind of bindings of their choosing.  Among the compatible bindings are EST, Union, Flow, and K2.

If you’re looking for cutting edge technology for your snowboarding pleasure this winter, consider the new line of 2013 Burton snowboards.  Burton has gone above and beyond for their 2013 line of products this winter season and they are sure to please riders of all skill levels.

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