2010 Capita UltraFear F.K.

By: Review by EternalSnow.com

Board Model and Year: 2010 Capita UltraFear

Board Size: 151

Age: 30

Riding Style: All Mountain Freestyle

The 2010 Capita UltraFear F.K. Snowboard is hands-down one of the best snowboards available this year. Capita took their killer 2009 Horrorscope F.K. Snowboard and packed it full of tech, dubbed it the UltraFear F.K., and released it onto the public this year.

Capita’s Flat Kick Technology is their spin on the Reverse Camber craze – basically, the board is flat between the feet, kicks up at the feet, and then kicks up again at the tip and tail transitions. The result is strong edge hold on turns, easy presses on just about any flat-ish surface, rail, box, etc., and great float in the fluff. Last year’s Horrorscope F.K. was plagued with a vague feeling, and these issues have been resolved by stepping up the core composition. Adding a Sintered base to this better-core helps the UltraFear fly down the hill.

Testing the 2010 Capita UltraFear F.K. Snowboard by a handful EternalSnow.com staff and snowboard team members gives us the opportunity to provide an all-around insight into the capabilities of the board. From park-only jib kids to full-mountain bombers, our staff have beat on the full range of sizes of the UltraFear, and unanimously agree it’s a killer board. Incredibly stable at speed, floaty in powder, and bred for park jumps and jibs means this board truly is an all-mountain freestyle shred stick.

One thing to note on reviews of the UltraFear from Eternal – we didn’t receive one from Capita to demo. Instead, five staff members bought one, and three more of Eternal’s Snowboard Team bought one as well. Paid cash. Considering we’re all snowboard shop bums and cash is hard to come by, that’s saying something right there.

Basically, if you’re in the market for a solid do-it-all reverse camber shred stick this year, the 2010 Capita UltraFear is definitely one to consider.

Available in all sizes offered by Capita from EternalSnow.com. Also, give them a shoot and they’ll probably hook you up with a package deal with some fresh new bindings.

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