2008 Nitro Black Widow 153

Reviewed By:  Grace Kim
Age:     23
Riding Style:  Freeride

2008 Nitro Black Widow 153

This board pretty much rocks. I was struggling choosing between the Option Bella or this one, and I decided to go cheap and get the Black Widow (it was only cheaper because of the end-of-season sale… the two boards are actually about the same price originally). I was heavily leaning on the Bella, because I liked the graphics, and I thought it would be more flexible. I guess I was looking for a board with more flex. The Black Widow is a bit on the stiff side, but when the time calls for it (like when you’re doing jumps), it responds beautifully. I found that this board is so responsive. I was using a second-hand ’03 Burton Feelgood, and it was in bad shape. I would catch edge really well sometimes, but on the Black Widow, I felt so stable. If you’re looking for a stable, responsive, fast (really fast) board, this one’s it. The graphic is simple. It’s great if you don’t want a girly looking board, either. Apparently, however, the top gets scratched easily. I haven’t had that problem yet. But if you’re looking for something that could keep up with you, or if you’re an intermediate rider looking to advance, the Black Widow is a beautiful board, and I really don’t think you’ll regret your purchase.

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