2004 K2 Instinct 165

Reviewed By: Alex S
Age:     29
Riding Style:  FreeRide

My previous board was a k2 zeppelin from 1999 and i previously tested some other boards especially rossignols. usually riding slopes and powder i wanted to try an all mountain board. the instict is extremely stable at any speed and any surface. very good carving on ice etc. but it’s definitly not a cruiser, it shines when riding hard and wants more. in comparison with the rossignol pro line, i found it easier to get used to (well, had a k2 before) and more reliable. not recommended for beginners since it’s a bit demanding regarding technique. it forgives a lot of errors but it’s not much fun if ridden slacky and not a board for being too playful. otherwise it’s pretty stiff and therefore not that suitable for freestyle tricks. i can pretty much agree on other reviews on this board. i’d give it a 10/10 if i had more experience with other boards.


One Response to “2004 K2 Instinct 165”
  1. sebbbbbbby says:

    every body get the k2 www rocker its the best in the park lots a flex but good all mountain riding good awsome in powder to

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